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The Year of Science ‘Choose Science. Go Far. Win Big.’ contest is no longer accepting entries as of April 30, 2011. Click here to see the contest semi-finalists and their videos. The winner of the $25,000 scholarship prize will be announced in June 2011. Stay tuned!

Caitlin Birdsall

Caitlin Birdsall, Research Assistant, BC Cetacean Sightings Network, Vancouver Aquarium

“My interest in science was spurred from an early age. My family has property on a southern Gulf Island… I spent a ton of time exploring tidal pools and whale watching from the beach… I love getting other people excited about the things I am most passionate about – oceans, whales and other cetaceans. Inspiring people to become involved and engaged in marine mammal conservation, while at the same time being able to spend some time in the field, enjoying British Columbia’s incredible coast, is very rewarding... Keep an open mind and investigate the many avenues of science – it’s not always what it seems…”

Sandy Eix

Sandy Eix, physicist & science teacher, Science World

“I’ll never get tired of electrocuting pickles as part of my job! I love demonstrating science for others in fun and interesting ways... It’s wonderful to share my excitement with so many others about the kinds of science that I am most interested in.... Science incorporates the things that interest me the most – the world around me and how things work. Science allows me to use my skills to explore our world, ask a ton of questions, and try to provide the correct answers... I love that I get to explore science with people of all ages... I’m also super proud of being on national radio where I had the opportunity to find and share some wacky science stories with listeners.“

Simon Jackson

Simon Jackson, Youth Advocate, Social Entrepreneur & Environmental Solutions Innovator, Founder of Spirit Bear Youth Coalition

“When I was seven years old, I saw my first bear while camping with my family… Discovering that Kodiak Bears were threatened spurred me into action... I started a lemonade stand to raise money and awareness about them and a few months later the bear was saved... And now 15 years later, I’m still advocating for the Spirit Bear and won’t stop until they are meaningfully saved… I love that I was able to find and follow my passion at an early age… I don’t consider myself especially skilled or talented – what I have is passion, enthusiasm and dedication. Every day I am given the opportunity to learn something new, to make a difference, and to hopefully leave a legacy for generations to come.”